GCP Clinical Studies Ltd. Overcoming the obstacles to success


We offer a full range of clinical research services from Phase 1 – Phase 4 clinical studies as well as post-marketing and drug-surveillance studies, to the local pharmaceutical industry as well as international companies planning local studies.

Our goal is to provide high-quality, tailor-made solutions that fit within your budget and time constraints. Our clinical research experts can help you identify and eliminate the obstacles and bottlenecks that stand in the way of research progress. Whether you are in need of partial support or our full-range of clinical research services, the net benefit is the same—helping to move your product from clinical inception through regulatory review to commercialization as quickly and painlessly as possible.

GCP Company experts are adept in handling companies of all sizes from startups to major international organizations.  We utilizes every resource and strategic alliance available to us to help clients develop clinical programs and successfully market new drugs and medical devices that are designed to prevent and treat the growing number of diseases that afflict the 21st century. The greatest tribute to GCP Company is our rapidly expanding number of clients.

Our service includes:

  1. Protocol Writing and Case Report Form (CRF) development.
  2. Feasibility of study in Israel: Since we have worked with many of the local key opinion leaders and developed a reputation of highly professional work, we can easily identify the perfect Site(s) and Investigator(s) to perform your study.
  3. Regulatory and Ethics Committees’ Submissions.
  4. Investigators meeting.
  5. Monitoring - from initiation through closure visits.
    Our monitoring team is highly experienced, well trained, and have strong healthcare backgrounds. The team is dedicated to building relationships with investigators, study coordinators and hospital management staff, to promote positive two-way communication, for the success of your study.

    All clinical monitoring activities are performed in accordance with ICH guidelines and local requirements.
  6. Coverage of financial issues; development of clinical trial agreements and Investigator payments.
  7. Pharmacovigilance.
  8. Handling of all drug related issues including distribution.
  9. Project Management by 1-study manager – responsibilities include: monitor control, regular monitoring meetings to discuss study progress (i.e. general problems and their solutions, recruitment speed, time frame etc.), keeping study files up to date, trail track documentation in-house and at investigator sites, data query handling, study logistics such as sample transport, drug and material supply, etc.
  10. Statistical Analysis.
  11. Data Management including web-based solutions.
  12. Medical Report.

Our Research Team has significant experience in key therapeutic areas; Cardiovascular, Oncology, Anti-Infective, Diabetes, Neuroscience, Psychiatry, and more.

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