The growing complexity and cost of clinical trials has led many clinical research professionals to see the value of formalized training in order to have better knowledge in planning, designing, conducting, monitoring, auditing, analyzing and reporting clinical trials results.


Good Clinical Practices (3-day course)

The GCP course will give you a solid understanding of the good clinical practice international guidelines (ICH-GCP) and israeli MOH regulations. The course will provide you with the training needed to improve your trials, to ensure compliance with good clinical practices and to conduct safer and more efficient trials.

Effective Clinical Trials - Design, Statistics and Reporting
(2-day course)
This course is intended for clinical research professionals, both new and experienced, who are involved in the design, execution and interpretation of clinical trials.  It is suitable to individuals wishing to gain a deeper understanding of the clinical trials principles and of the role of biostatistics in the clinical trial process, for better planning an effective and correct clinical trial. The course topics range from Study Design, Protocol Write-Up, Sample-Size Determination, Data Analysis to Interpretation and Reporting.
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